Hotel Speicherstadt

Fresh Hotel Interior for the History-loaded Coffee Exchange

Image Credits: Mirjam Fruscella | Ulrich Helweg
The building, originally designed by architect Werner Kallmorgen, is located in the oldest part of the historical Speicherstadt. Once upon a time the emporium for aromatic coffee beans, today’s AMERON Hotel is a domicile for international business travellers and locals.
Above the generously spread out travertine flight of stairs, the guests are welcomed by Henriette Gruber’s life-size mural “The Kiss”. The pieces of art in the coffee exchange are based on this motive, and the tender kiss becomes pure zest for life. Art and interior are inseparable in this building. The modern works by various contemporary artists express the appeal of the city and the harbour, its character and diversity
“a highly romantic sailor’s love story.” Architectural Digest 02/2012
“And now this gem, accurate in every detail to the original by Werner Kallmorgen, stands before us again – not as a museum and a place of pilgrimage for a few enthusiasts like myself, but as a mundane and ordinary room used by hotel guests, yet a room with a unique genuine atmosphere.Mathias Hein, freelance architect in Hamburg, Bauwerk des Jahres AIV Hamburg
“The Hanseatic harmonious interaction of wood, glass and granite”Architectural Digest 02/2012
in the foyer and lobby immediately introduces the guests to the design concept of the hotel.
The new interior design in the landmarked ensemble with its lobby, restaurant, bar and conference rooms refers to the stylistic devices of the Fifties and Sixties. What used to be cool long ago has become modern again today.
The reception desk displays the characteristic elements typical for the style of Scandinavian design in the Sixties. FINE ROOMS designed the seating furniture according to standards of famous classic design. Seating islands, crowned by two Italian Murano glass chandeliers, arranged around a detached fireplace, emphasise the spacious lounge character of the lobby.
Subdued light in the house bar creates an intimate atmosphere. Leather-covered seating berths, a long counter and wall panelling with integrated display cases for sculptures and modern animal photography are the main elements of the interior.
The restaurant in the new building opens towards the water with a room-high glass wall. The guests can thus enjoy the wonderful view of the old Speicherstadt not exclusively from the sun terrace. For more privacy, the guests may retire to the “private lounge”.
 Warm colours , elegant parquet floors made of genuine wood, veneered wall coverings and custom built-in furniture in contrast with powerful colours – those are the design features of the rooms and suits. The bathrooms have an open design and a modern character thanks to the fine-tuned selection materials used. The interior designers created atmospheric accents with components made of travertine, wood, chrome and glass. An exclusive selection of materials that is typical for the mid-century style and design.
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