It is all about colours, materials, finishing, art and illumination. FINE ROOMS tells stories with their interior designs,


The designers Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann create luxurious interiors and perfectly devised product designs, as well as curating unique art concepts. To Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann, founders of FINE ROOMS in 2011, design is omnipresent. Design affects us all and it influences our actions and behaviour. Hence, creating a well-balanced symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality is of a special concern to the Berlin design studio. Driven by attention to detail, passion for their work and the vision of a holistic design, FINE ROOMS strive for harmonious proportions and a perfect balance.

All FINE ROOMS’ creations are custom-made, unique and authentic. At first there is the customer briefing, followed by a historical research, and finally an image, merely an abstract idea, that takes its first shape on a blank sheet of paper. After an intensive and insightful selection of materials, FINE ROOMS create a harmonious first draft that is presented using moodboards and renderings. More often than not, the journey to the final implementation is long and exciting. Therefore, the designers see every project through giving it the utmost expertise, dedication and passion.

FINE ROOMS supports Elisabeth Stift in Berlin and Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe.


was born and raised in Oppeln, Poland, studied at the universities of technology in Wroclaw and Cracow before starting her professional career in Germany. Her work experience includes among others the architecture office Professor Carl-August von Halle with the focal points competition, design engineering, as well as construction planning. Working side by side with Klaus Eberhard Ott allowed Isabella Hamann to enhance her knowledge, enabling her to shift her main focus to renovation of historic villas. From 1999 until 2011 she worked as an interior and product designer for amj-design. In close co-operation with Markus Hilzinger, Isabella Hamann was responsible for prestigious projects such as Hotel Adlon Berlin (rooms & suites, Felix Club Restaurant, China Club, day SPA), Grandhotel Heiligendamm, Quellenhof Aachen, residential and commercial buildings in Berlin and Potsdam, as well as many others.

Language skills: German, Polish, English, Russian


was born and raised in Baden, started studying history of art at the FU Berlin before choosing architecture as his main field of studies. His work experience prior to joining the amj-design team in 1998 includes e.g. the Orlando Office. His experience in construction planning, interior and product design made him head architect. Supported by a team of 15 employees, Markus Hilzinger planned, supervised and designed renowned projects such as Hotel Adlon Berlin (rooms & suites, Felix Club Restaurant, China Club, day SPA), Grandhotel Heiligendamm, Quellenhof Aachen and St. James Hotel in London for Althoff Hotels.
His passion for art plays a significant role in the implementation of his work endowing it with a lasting distinctive character.

Markus Hilzinger is Head of Design for the Althoff international hotel collection. He was from 2011 to 2017 Creative Director Meissen Home.

Language skills: German, English, French

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